About Me

For 32 years I was a public school teacher and administrator.  I taught high school English and speech at Pecos High School, way off in west Texas, where I met my husband and raised my family of two sons.  My husband and I moved to Dublin, Texas, in 2001 when I became an assistant principal.  Shortly after that I became Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and we soon bought a home in Stephenville.  I retired in December 2009 and have spent my time since then pursuing my hobbies and spending as much time as I can with my grandson and granddaughter.

I have to admit that I have always loved jewelry and have quite a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with all kinds of gemstones.  I also love colors and my wardrobe reflects that, so when I learned from some friends how to craft my own jewelry I was delighted.  A new piece of jewelry for every outfit!  After I retired I wanted to continue this jewelry-crafting hobby, but my own jewelry armoire was full to overflowing.  So in October 2010 I decided to venture out into the world of retail marketing and sell my jewelry.  I began selling locally and then learned about several online shops that I joined.  My main shop is on Etsy--Nancy's Crystal Fantasi.  Online selling has opened up a whole new world of friends, support, and ideas.  A crafter's dream!  My ultimate goal is to eventually have my own website.

The inspiration for my jewelry comes mainly from my love for colors and color combinations.  You will notice that my pieces usually blend different colors and/or shades as well as textures.  I work mainly with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, lampwork and other artisan glass beads, and crystals.  I incorporate my love of crystals into nearly every piece that I design. I use Swarovski, Czech, quartz, and Celestial crystals in varying shapes and sizes.  Swarovski, the ultimate for the crystal lover, is my favorite.  My pieces make use of many different metals--plated base metals, copper, brass, pewter, gold and silver fill, and sterling silver.