Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is who I am

Hello, everyone.
This is a new experience for me--blogging.  But just to tell a little about myself, here we go.  I am a retired educator, having been a high school English teacher for 24 years and  an administrator for 8 years.

One of my passions is music.  I have been a church organist since the age of 16, and I also taught piano lessons for about 20 years.  Something about music that intrigues me is the harmonies that carefully chosen groupings of notes can produce.  The right notes together bring about a pleasing harmony.  Another group of notes together may elicit certain feelings, emotions, or moods.  And some groups of notes are just downright ugly. 

I guess you could say my love for beautiful harmony figures into my designs for the jewelry I create.  The notes are the beads, the colors, the textures, and the findings that I use.  The harmony is created with the right grouping of those "notes".  And I think jewelry can be used to enhance moods and feelings, just like those beautiful, or not so beautiful, harmonies can do.

I'll elaborate more on this idea in my next blog.

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