Friday, December 14, 2012

Get Your New Year's Eve Bling On

Have a special New Year's eve party or event to attend?  Then you'll need some extra bling to help you sparkle and light up your own wardrobe.  And what better way to sparkle than with some bling jewelry!  You don't have to break the bank either.  Nancy's Crystal Fantasies Jewelry on Etsy has plenty of selections that you can choose from.  Here are just a few.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jewelry Giveaway

To celebrate reaching 500 fans on my Facebook page, I am hosting a giveaway here on my blog.  I will be giving away a pair of my Swarovski crystal Christmas tree earrings.  Several choices of colors will be given.  To be eligible to be entered in the drawing, all you have to do is post a comment about this blog post here on this blog page and indicate which color you would wish to receive if you are the winner.  The contest will begin Friday, December 7 and end on Wednesday, December 12.  A random drawing will be conducted from which the winner will be chosen and announced on my Facebook fan page.  The winner will need to contact me either by email or by private message with his/her mailing address so that the earrings can be mailed to them.  Here are pictures of the color choices.  Good luck!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The JETS (Jewelry on Etsy Team) new holiday gift guide has been published and features lovely jewelry pieces of amazing artisans who are members of the JETteam.  Just follow this link to view this collection, which was compiled by Bob of Jewelry 24 7.

Take the time to visit each shop and view the many lovely treasures that each has on display.  You will be glad you did.  Happy shopping!

Friday, August 24, 2012

pearl wedding jewelry for bride or bridesmaid by UrbanPearlStudio

This Etsy shop is loaded with all kinds of beautiful pearl and crystal jewelry just perfect for that wedding, anniversary, or just because you love pearls.  (Who doesn't?)  Visit her shop often--Urban Pearl Studio.
Urban Pearl Studio on Etsy or her website at Urban Pearl Studio.  You can also read more about her and her work on her blog Urban Pearl Studio on Blogspot and visit and like her Facebook page Urban Pearl Studio on Facebook.  Here is just one example of her wonderful creations.

black pearl cuff bracelet triple strand rhinestones swarovski bride bridesmaid wedding jewelry

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bridesmaids New Moms Gifts Eco Friendly by YourDailyJewels on Etsy

My colleague Norah Downey has a shop on Etsy that is overflowing with beautiful handmade silver jewelry.  One of her specialties is Design-Your-Own fine silver initial pendants crafted of recycled 99.9% pure fine silver. The intricate detailed designs of her pendants are amazing as seen in this illustration.  These pendants are perfect for new moms, grandmoms, bridesmaids, and a host of other gift ideas.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Support Your Favorite Team With Team Spirit Jewelry

August is here and with it preparations for the beginning of school.  That means football, volleyball, band, cheerleading, and all kinds of activities that many of us love to be participants in or fans of, whether we have ties to particular schools or not.  Most of us have our favorite schools and/or sports teams and wear the team's colors with pride.  There are so many school and team-related accessories available, but nothing compares to those accessories that are handmade and even custom-tailored to your specifications.  One of my most popular lines on Etsy is my team spirit items.  Custom-made necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, and bookmarks are all available in my shop to help you cheer on your favorite team.  Items can be made with a glass tile pendant bearing the school colors and a saying or motto, or they can be made just with beads in the team colors.  Either way, when you choose one of these pieces, you are choosing a one-of-a-kind piece that will last for many years.

Here are a few examples of the team spirit jewelry I make.  You can just contact me through Etsy, on Facebook, or by email to have your special custom-made piece created just for you.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Oklahoma City Thunder Necklace 1 by NancysCrystalFantasi on Etsy

Thunder Up!  OKC fans.  Here's a great blue, orange and white necklace just for the next great Thunder season.  Support your favorite team.

Oklahoma City Thunder Necklace 1 by NancysCrystalFantasi on Etsy

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blue Agate Two Strand Bracelet by NancysCrystalFantasi on Etsy

Blue is probably my favorite color, especially the rich teals, aquas, and turquoises.  So I love the colors in this new blue agate bracelet.  This is a nice statement piece that will make a great transition from summer to fall. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Donna's Artisan Designs on Etsy

Donna's Artisan Designs on Etsy is a shop for the woman who loves beautiful jewelry at affordable prices.  She specializes in jewelry using sterling silver and gold filled metal with gemstones, lampwork beads, and Swarovski crystals.  Visit her shop at  She also has a wonderful blog that she would love everyone to visit at  Here is just one example of her lovely work:  Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant and Earring Set

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White Howlite Long Necklace With Cabochon by NancysCrystalFantasi

This beauty is a true statement piece. It really deserves a closer look in my Etsy shop.

Red and Black by Nancy Russell on Etsy

This treasury features several of my fellow Jetteam members, including the wonderful jewelry from Donna's Artisan Designs  Visit her delightful shop on Etsy.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green Mosaic Turquoise Jasper and by NancysCrystalFantasi on Etsy

Even with the hot days of summer still upon us, we can remind ourselves that fall will soon be here.  Now is the time to begin planning that fall wardrobe with the rich shades of green, gold, bronze, pumpkin, red, purple.  Here is a beautiful bracelet that captures some of those greens and bronze shades in the lovely gemstones of mosaic turquoise, jasper, and red aventurine, enhanced by rich copper.  This bracelet is available in my Etsy shop.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Turquoise Magnesite Necklace Cube and by NancysCrystalFantasi

Art Deco style meets Southwestern in this lovely turquoise magnesite necklace.  So versatile and so wearable any season of the year.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Black and Gold Chunky Bling Necklace by NancysCrystalFantasi

Big chunky bling necklaces are popular items in the southern states among the young women.  The more bling the better.  Ones similar to this can be done in school colors, sports team colors, or whatever you might want.  I take custom orders for these necklaces.  One similar to this was recently shipped to Oklahoma to a young lady in her high school colors.  Just send me a message through my Etsy shop and we will work together to create your special lovely.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day?
The last Monday of May is a national holiday in the United States to honor those who have lost their lives in military service to our country.  The first celebration of this holiday was called Decoration Day, and its purpose was to commemorate loss of lives of Union soldiers in the Civil War.  The name was changed to Memorial Day after the first World War, and it now memorializes those who have lost their lives in all military branches in the U.S.
It is believed that Memorial Day began in 1865 in Charleston when Union soldiers and freed slaves gathered at a race track to celebrate the Union's victory and to honor those who had lost their lives in the battles.  Several similar Confederate gatherings had already been taking place during and after the war.  Union General John A. Logan noted how the Confederacy was honoring its fallen soldiers and pointed out that the entire nation needed a way of honoring all soldiers who lost their lives for their country.  He, along with a veterans group that he headed, the Grand Army of the Republic, created Decoration Day and encouraged all citizen to use the day as a reverent observation.  The day was made an official holiday on May 30, 1868, when the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers were decorated with flowers and ribbons.
Memorial Day was moved to the last Monday in May in 1971 by Congress to ensure a three-day weekend holiday.  Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend are sometimes thought of as the unofficial summer bookends.  

How Memorial Day is Celebrated
To celebrate Memorial Day families often visit graves of family members or others who have lost their lives in military service.  National Cemeteries decorate each grave with a flag, and flags are usually flown at half-staff from sunrise to noon by government agencies, schools, churches, and businesses.  In 2000 Congress passed the National Moment of Remembrance Resolution, which asks that Americans "voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to Taps.”

Most Americans spend Memorial Day as a relaxing day of vacation--barbecuing, boating, fishing, or spending the day with family and friends.  Unfortunately, few participate in solemn practices that should be associated with this day of remembrance.  Many believe that moving Memorial Day to create a three-day weekend has placed the emphasis on having a fun rather than a solemn celebration.  Many feel that it should be moved back to its original date of May 30.  Regardless of when Memorial Day is celebrated, we should all remember to observe this holiday by showing pride in our country and remembrance for those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful Labradorite

I had never heard of labradorite until a couple of years ago, and it was love at first sight.  Stones that flash rainbow colors, like opals, moonstone, and labradorite, have a special appeal to my senses and seem almost mesmerizing when you gaze into their depths.  And then, when you get that ray of sunlight on the stone—oh, my!


The first discovery of labradorite, a feldspar mineral, was in 1770 at Paul’s Island, near the town of Nain on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada.   It has also been found in Norway and the former USSR.  It occurs in large crystal masses, and the play of colors that it displays is called labradorescence, or schiller effect.

Eskimo legend has it that the Northern Lights were once imprisoned within the stones, and a wandering Eskimo warrior freed them with a blow of his spear.  However, some of the lights remained trapped in the stones, which accounts for their lovely glow.

Along with its popularity in jewelry, labradorite is also used as an ornamental stone in clock faces, table and countertops, and even facing for buildings.

Mystical Properties

Labradorite is thought to bring good luck and provide relief from depression, anxiety, and despair.  It brings clarity of thought to the wearer, and replaces negative thoughts and feelings with enthusiasm, self-confidence, inspiration, and harmony.  It also aids one who is experiencing conflict and change by giving perseverance, strength, and enhanced intuition. 

Healing Properties

For those of us who are getting older and suffering from aches and pains in our joints from rheumatism or arthritis—or just the wear and tear of getting older—it’s labradorite to the rescue!  If you want to take advantage of the stone’s healing properties, you should carry it as a touchstone or wear it in a piece of jewelry.

Care of Your Gemstone

Labradorite is a fairly soft stone, with a Mohs hardness of 6.0.  It also has cleavage lines within the stone.  These are not cracks or defects, but it is essential that your stone not receive any hits or knocks.  You should keep your lovely stone away from bright light and heat.  It should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush, rinsed and patted dry.  If its surface becomes dull and cloudy, it should be put in mineral water and placed in the sun for a few days.  Your labradorite jewelry should be stored  away from other jewelry pieces and hard objects in separate jewelry pouches.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My New Treasuries

As an Etsy member of the Jetteam (Jewelry on Etsy team) I create weekly treasuries featuring a Jetteam partner.  At the bottom of the page are a couple of the latest treasuries.  You will be able to click on any item and visit the Etsy website for that item.