Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Latest Projects

I just got some software to keep an inventory of all my jewelry pieces and beads and findings.  Now I've got to get everything entered, which is going to take FOREVER!  Just one day at a time and a few entries at a time.  That's the way to do it.  In the meantime, I've got some new projects coming up to work on.  One will be a bracelet for the FBC women's ministry luncheon on May 7.  I'm going to do another Plan of Salvation bracelet, this time with Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads, and maybe pearls.  It will be one of the door prizes.  Then I am getting ready to make some necklaces in school colors for Dublin, Stephenville, and Tarleton.  The ones for Dublin and Stephenville will have a pendant with the school mascot on it.  Maybe the same for Tarleton.  I haven't decided on that for sure.  These would make great gifts for graduation.  Plus I might make one for each high school to donate for Graduation Celebration, if they are interested.  I will post pictures here and on Facebook when they are completed.

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