Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Spring Days,

Dublin Lions High School Necklace
Rainbow Flourite and Crystal Necklace with Wire Wrapped Beads
Stephenville Yellow Jackets High School Necklace
The last few days have been busy ones--trimming shrubs, eye doctor appointment, making new jewelry pieces.  Since graduation and graduation celebration parties are coming up, I've been making some school related items--necklaces with school mascots and in school colors, bracelets in school colors, and new to my jewelry line, keychains and bookmarks.  My husband even asked me today if I could make him a keychain.  I think he wants one with the Dallas Cowboys logo on it with blue and silver beads, so I'll see what I can do.  Maybe that would be a seller!  Anyway, be sure to take a look at my Facebook fan page and my Etsy shop for updated items that I'm posting almost daily. Also have a new rainbow flourite necklace that is gorgeous! I think that is becoming one of my favorite stones. I'll post some pictures here of a few items.


  1. thought I would drop by and say hi, nice blog, love to hear what other artists are like whether it be about their lives or their art, :), I too like rainbow flourite