Friday, April 3, 2015

Paracord Bracelets

Paracord, or survival, bracelets are a fashion trend among guys and gals of all ages.  These bracelets, made with several feet of paracord, superstrong military spec #550 test paracord, are a fashionable and popular way of symbolizing strength, honor, and the belief in American production. There are reports that some people unraveled  a bracelet in an emergency and used the cord to get out of some difficult situations.

The bracelets can be personalized in so many different ways by using different colors or combinations of colors, adding charms or school or other logos, or weaving them using one of many different weaves.

There are many other uses for the paracord weave in addition to bracelets. Because of their strength, they can also be made into dog collars, key fobs, belts, and necklaces.

The basic, and most widely used, paracord weave is the Solomon, or Cobra, weave. It is a very simple weave to learn and can incorporate two colors very easily.  Here is a video tutorial that I found very helpful in making a basic paracord bracelet.

If you are interested in learning about other weaves and perhaps trying them out, this web site has some wonderful tutorials with clear instructions on many different styles.

Here are some of the paracord designs that I have in my Etsy shop. Two of them use the Solomon weave. The third one uses a different design called the digi-cam weave.

I have also added charms and school logos to these bracelets, but you can let your imagination go wild with the many different add-ins you can use to make this type of bracelet your very own. By the way, guys really like these bracelets, too!

You can find these bracelets for sale in my Etsy shop in the team spirit section.  I can custom make one for you in your choice of colors and with a favorite logo or symbol if you wish.

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