Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom for June Birthday Buying

I love pearls.  They are such a classic gem, worn for so many different occasions and appropriate for almost any time.  They are ageless, too.  Pearls have been worn for centuries, at least as far back as the Roman Empire.  The only gem that comes from a living sea creature, the pearl is the number one gem choice for the June birthstone.  While natural pearls may be bought at an extremely high price, most pearl jewelry today uses cultured pearls that are created in oyster farms.

Pearl and crystal earrings in my Etsy shop

A very lovely alternate birthstone for June is the moonstone.  If you love to see a play of color in gemstones, then you will enjoy the flashes and glints of silvery blue that moonstones radiate from their milky white surface.  When the stone is moved back and forth, it almost seems as though the silvery blue rays move also.

A necklace in my shop with moonstones

The third birthstone alternative for June is the Alexandrite gemstone.  The Alexandrite is a charming, unusual stone, changing in its colors almost like a chameleon.  In natural daylight it appears bluish green while under artificial light it appears violet in color.  Natural Alexandrite is very rare and expensive, so most Alexandrite birthstones are manmade and it is very difficult to reproduce the color changing ability of the natural stone.

Here is an Alexandrite ring I found in another Etsy shop.

So if you are shopping for that special person with a June birthday, you have several gems to choose from.  A hard choice to make since all three are beautiful in their own way.  Happy shopping!

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